Every industry is different. From the heavy lifts, to deeper digs, PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (PT SSB) understands well the challenges and unique needs for every occasion with different variations. We offer you a numerous set of equipment that is pre-engineered with our specialized expertise. As proof to our tireless dedication, we manufacture only the best value-added quality products to meet your requirements to help fulfill the given objectives and mission efficiently, or as we like to call it, a fit for purpose design. Saving you time, cost and sweat right from the get-go.

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Our projects are on-demand, scoping from project management to supply chain. PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (PT SSB) only provides you with the best quality products for your industrial needs. We have worked with a variety of common and exotic materials to prove our competencies such as; Carbon Steel, Titanium (Ti), Austenitic Steel, Super Duplex Material, Cortent Steel, and many more.

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Initiated as an integrated engineering company, we accommodate an array of supporting services from professional troubleshooter to chief experts for heavy equipment services and maintenance.

Each and every operation is done meticulously with high dedication and great attention to detail to achieve excellence and high-quality results. We can perform onsite services to ensure our customers get the help they need for their operational success and continuity. We are ready to come and help you. 

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