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Event - CSR ABM Group - Goes to Kebun Kumara, Situ Gintung

CSR ABM Group - Goes to Kebun Kumara, Situ Gintung

SSB become a part of ABM Investama's CSR activities in Situ Gintung area, Ciputat, South Tangerang. This program was attended by 3 subsidiaries of ABM Group, SSB, CKB and CK with total 9 volunteers.

CSR activities are related to community and environmental development that are supported in the reforestation area. The results of this activity contain the implementation of a green program that is packaged in the concept of FAITH: Food Always at Home, which applicable in daily life.

ABM Group's CSR activity this time visited the Kumara Garden in Situ Gintung 3 Island with total area 300m2 that established by Siti Soraya Cassandra with her husband Dhira Narayana and her two siblings in 2016.

In this CSR activity, volunteers learn a few things :

  1. How to plant seeds properly,
  2. Trimmed wild plants and process it to become a fertilizers,
  3. Making a fence for plants,
  4. Harvesting.