Service Year Award 2016 Corporate Appreciation For Employees

The event of TMT Group\'s annual event, Service Year Award (SYA), was held again on 13 April 2016. Located in Tiara Room, TMT 1 Building, the event of SYA 2016 was attended by Mr. Met Hamami as TMT Group founder, Board of Directors of TMT Group, Board of Directors and Management of TMT Group sub-business, and invited guests of SYA 2016 award. This year 2016, Service Year Award with the theme "Unite the Power Together", is a great hope from TMT management which is under the TMT group can synergize in building the company's progress. These hexagonal forms also turn out to be analogies of a beehive known to always work together in a colony, and have their respective functions for the survival of the colony. Like bee's colony, every employee is analogous to bees in a colony that must be able to work well in the company where they work, as well as a larger unity that is TMT group. This year, the Service Year Award rewards loyalty to over 600 TMT group employees across Indonesia. PT Sanggar Sarana Baja, which is one of the oldest companies in the group, sends 1 representative on 32 years of service in the TMT group. And also, 7 representatives over 24 years along with 27 representatives over 8 years of dedication at PT Sanggar Sarana Baja.