Inspiration Class: A Day of Teaching, Forever Inspiring!

Not stopping only at the Indonesian Teaching Movement Festival (FGIM), PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (SSB) participated in other educational improvement missions organized by the Indonesian Teaching Organization (OIM) in early November namely Inspiration Class. Inspiration Class is the place for Indonesian professionals who want to contribute for education by teaching in elementary schools around the neighborhood. Professionals are asked to directly share their stories and work experiences. These stories will later be expected to become the seeds of the students to dream and stimulate the growth of unlimited ideals in themselves. Since this Inspiration Class was held in Balikpapan City, it was the turn of the Remanufacturing-Balikpapan Division peers who had the opportunity to register and spread the positive spirit of inspiration. After following the selection process, the name of Mr. Heris Agung Alamsyah - Plant Manager and Mr. Moch Ating Kurnia - Technical Engineering Spv was the one who passed the inspiration. While Mr. Elmiawan Wicaksono and Mr. Asep Irwansyah managed to become a photographer during the Inspiration Class took place and is entitled to participate in a photogratory contest held by OIM. Inspirator in this Inspiration Class comes from a variety of backgrounds and professions ranging from a Pharmacist to a Director of an EO (Event Organizer). The day before the Inpiration Class started all the inspirators gathered to attend the class division and guidance briefing before going directly to the placement school, SD Muhammadiyah 1 Balikpapan Tengah. The task carried by Mr. Heris and Mr. Ating and other volunteers are observing school environments and teaching methods in the classroom, providing teaching about their profession, creating group e-books, and reflecting on their experiences of the reflection session at the end of the Inspiration Class program.