PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (PTSSB), which engaged in process Design, Manufacture, Steel Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Services, Refurbish and Remanufacturing of products, Equipment and component/parts for Mining, Oil & Gas and other General industries, determine to be a globally recognized company, stakeholder oriented, fully aware of safe operation, occupational health and safety, also environmental friendly company. To gain those aims, PTSSB committed to:
1. Implement Integrated Management System related to quality, health, safety, environment and risk consistently.
2. Setting measurable objectives and targets and monitor and review of these achievements.
3. Comply with regulations and other requirement related to product, activity, health, safety and environment. Also contributing to energy conservation.
4. Prevent injury, ill health, as well as protection and prevention of environmental pollution effected by activities and products.
5. Actively discourage alcohol and drugs abuse in Sanggar Sarana Baja operational area.
6. Anticipating future changes, assessing risks and taking measures to prevent or minimize risks.
7. Perform continuous improvement efforts to increase productivity and efficiency, and also ensuring availability of resources, develop ability, knowledge and skill for all level of employees and other outsource to improve performance.